My name is Emily and I am a young witch in my mid-twenties living in Austin, TX. I grew up Catholic and was quite religious for a short period in high school, but my journey eventually led me to identify as a secular humanist. Deity worship made little sense to me, and, though I found it interesting from a cultural and historical perspective, trying to follow God and other gods caused me to lose sight of my true self.

I missed the ritual and tradition of Catholicism, though, and struggled to find a way to fill my love of sensory rituals, symbolism, and spirituality. Late in college I began practicing secular magick and here I am, three years into my practice and feeling strong enough in my practice to blog about it!

I also love comics, personal finance, frugal living, and the cultural scene in Austin, all of which influence my magick! Happy reading dear friends, and may Spirit guide you on your path to your strongest self.